Artist Statement

My collage work is created with fragments of paper and recycled imagery collected from my daily life and wanderings. I am especially intrigued with the often-overlooked backgrounds, colors, textures, shapes, and negative spaces in everyday printed materials. The process of deconstructing images and then re-integrating many pieces, to create something completely new, is an intuitive and ongoing visual experiment.

Each collage begins with a premise or simply an evocative piece of paper. Like a puzzle, the composition evolves one piece at a time. I continue to cut, crop, rip, or otherwise manipulate possible elements, making decisions about what works and what is needed next to complete the composition. A wet working technique eventually melds the palette of re-purposed papers together into fresh, layered imagery with new associations and meanings that reflect my interest in concepts of time, balance, movement, and growth.

All the collages are unique and hand made of original source materials.