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Rooted Together

Rooted Together  

Collage / 2013

50 x 50 x 2"

Commissioned for the Castle Rock Adventist Hospital (Castle Rock, Colorado), this collage is installed in the surgical waiting room.

All the commissioned artwork in the hospital relates to the aspen tree in some way. My specific assignment was to work with the roots of the aspen tree. I decided on a quadrant format with a hillside cross-section motif so that the roots, speaking to connectedness and community, are the focus of the collage.

The roots are accented by circles that I envisioned as energy or nutrients. Ripped from a matte metallic silver paper, they add highlights that are unable to be adequately reproduced online.

I wrote several posts on my blog about this collage while it was in progress, including process photos, beginning here.

Available for reproduction