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(Collection of Private Collector)

Collage / 2010

20 x 10 x 1"

This piece was influenced by ideas of growth, and the impetus of forward/upward movement, as well as my interest in botanical themes.

Contemporary paper collage on cradled wood panel.

All collage elements are ripped. Any hard lines in the piece are created by the edges of papers or lines that occurred within the included images.

The paper elements wrap around the edges of the collage support (not shown in this photo) so that framing is not necessarily needed. The collage is coated with a UV-resistant varnish.

This collage has been juried into the 26th Annual National Collage Society Exhibition which is available for viewing online through October 2011. You may want to view the entire show -- a great survey of current collage. I'm honored to be included.

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