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I retain copyright to my work at all times. However, you may use my words and photos on your blog without asking for permission, as long as the following conditions apply: 1) it’s not a commercial use, 2) the work is attributed to me, 3) copyright notice is included (© Janice McDonald), and 4) you link to this site. If you wish to use my words or images for anything that might be commercial in nature, please ask.

Art project, on the wing

I rarely participate in traveling/mail art projects however, every once in a while, I jump in.

While traveling in February, I had a chance to visit with artist Bonnie Ruttan who had received a passport-sized book to create artwork in and then pass along. It was so compact and interesting. It had originated in […]


Postcards from places yet to be seen

I recently received a call to participate in a mail art exhibition in Stockholm during August, the requirement simply being submission of an altered tourist postcard in any medium. I've always loved postcards and have my own collection (including both scenic and tacky categories) so this seemed like a fun project to contribute to […]