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I retain copyright to my work at all times. However, you may use my words and photos on your blog without asking for permission, as long as the following conditions apply: 1) it’s not a commercial use, 2) the work is attributed to me, 3) copyright notice is included (© Janice McDonald), and 4) you link to this site. If you wish to use my words or images for anything that might be commercial in nature, please ask.

Art project, on the wing

I rarely participate in traveling/mail art projects however, every once in a while, I jump in.

While traveling in February, I had a chance to visit with artist Bonnie Ruttan who had received a passport-sized book to create artwork in and then pass along. It was so compact and interesting. It had originated in […]


And yet another… Salvaged Elements exhibition

Collage on flattened soapbox awaiting framing.

I’ve loved working on the ThroughLines series of collages and plan to extend that thinking to more work eventually but, for now, I’ve returned to working with ideas generated from the “Unboxed” collage series that debuted in a 2016 exhibition.

This next show is coming up fast […]


Composed Landscape original collages

Composed Landscapes… five original collages by Janice McDonald in the IMA boardroom.

Long view of the collages in the boardroom.

Here are some photos of the collages arranged on the end wall of the IMA boardroom. The room features a huge wood-slab conference table and views to Denver’s Union Station along one side […]


Lots of framing to do…

The assembly line!





















My next exhibition at Spark Gallery in Denver includes collages made from papers culled from each day’s mail over a three-month period. So I have 70+ small works to frame […]


Stages along the way: collage commission 3, details

“Rooted Together,” two left-side panels, collage in progress.


Here’s the collage in progress as I begin to lay in the root structure and detail the meadow and tree bases with layers of paper.

I’m using rice paper for the root structures for its transparency so the colors from below show through somewhat. […]


Constructed collage landscape, in progress

Lately I've been working on a triptych commission — a collage landscape for a resort lobby. I'm working on three panels, each 12 x 12." Assuming the collage is approved by the client this week, it will then be photographed, enlarged and reproduced onto three canvases, each 36 x 36." So the finished piece will […]


Junk Mail Journal collage circa 3.10.12

Another in my ongoing series of collage studies with ingredients supplied by the daily mail. (It begins to dawn on me that the proposed postal delivery cutbacks may eventually compromise this creative practice… hmm.)

"Junk Mail Journal 3.10.12," contemporary paper collage, in sketchbook, 9 x 6."© 2012, Janice McDonald.



Happy Valentine’s Day…

…not to mention paper of all kinds, glue, chaos, order, scraps, synchronicity, ripped edges, wild color, subtle patterns, layering, negative spaces, texture, stripes, printed napkins, forms/grids, postcards, pages of books, ribbon, cardboard, packaging, and unexpected daily "finds" to add to my collection of collage ingredients!

May we all find someone or something to love. […]


Junk Mail Journal collage circa 1.14.12

Another in my ongoing series of 9 x 6" collages constructed of items culled from a single day's incoming mail. An exercise in using what the universe provides…

"Junk Mail Journal 1.14.12," contemporary paper collage, in sketchbook, 9 x 6."© 2012, Janice McDonald.



The beauty of raw materials

I'm working on an idea for a collage that will involve a lot of kraft/corrugated papers so I spent part of the day deconstructing a large Milk Bone® Dog Biscuit box. Taking it apart, then peeling apart the layers to the degree that I can, yielded a gorgeous stack of curling papers […]