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I retain copyright to my work at all times. However, you may use my words and photos on your blog without asking for permission, as long as the following conditions apply: 1) it’s not a commercial use, 2) the work is attributed to me, 3) copyright notice is included (© Janice McDonald), and 4) you link to this site. If you wish to use my words or images for anything that might be commercial in nature, please ask.

Sequence / collage work in progress

Everyone is always intrigued with work in progress and the sequence of how a collage comes together, so thought I’d do a quick slide show documenting a recent work: “Honey,” a 36 x 36″ collage on wood panel. For whatever reason, this composition developed mostly from the center out toward the edges.

I am […]


Spring sprouting green

View of my work surface with collage in progress.

I’ve been working on a series of collages for a 2015 exhibition where my work will be included with that of a group of contemporary botanical artists. My work surface is predominantly green these days, very spring-y!




Waterfall, a composed landscape underway

View of the level three collage underway, a rocky scene with a waterfall. I’ve painted the edges of the cradled wood panels black so that some of my papers will wrap around the edge and expose a bit about the way the collage was assembled. And yes, I work with gallon-sized quantities of glue :)



Composed landscapes

Aerial view of the studio: the calm before the storm! Wood panels and drawings ready to begin.

So I set to work. I had done very simple sketches of how the landing imagery would flow upward through the space. As you climbed the stairs, different views would present themselves. Beginning with level one, walking […]