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I retain copyright to my work at all times. However, you may use my words and photos on your blog without asking for permission, as long as the following conditions apply: 1) it’s not a commercial use, 2) the work is attributed to me, 3) copyright notice is included (© Janice McDonald), and 4) you link to this site. If you wish to use my words or images for anything that might be commercial in nature, please ask.

The envelope(s), please

Background texture for artist statement made of discarded envelopes.


Handwriting from my Dad… nice contrast to the usual mail!

As part of the “Overlooked Archives” exhibition, I incorporated a wall of envelopes as a background for my artist statement (a short explanation of the work). I wanted something textural as […]


On a quieter note…

Reflecting on a small group of the Daily Mail collages.


Views of the “Overlooked Artifacts” exhibition at Spark Gallery on a quiet afternoon… There were 75 original collages, framed with UV glass and archival matting, each 12 x 9″ in size and hung chronologically in a grid. This represented each day’s mail […]


Selections from the Daily Mail collages on view

Eventually perhaps I’ll post all 75 collages somewhere here but for now they’re most easily viewed on my Flickr page here. Click on the small box with the arrow above the images to view as a slide show.

For now, here are a few of the most discussed collages — and yes, they are all […]


Stages along the way: collage commission 3, details

“Rooted Together,” two left-side panels, collage in progress.


Here’s the collage in progress as I begin to lay in the root structure and detail the meadow and tree bases with layers of paper.

I’m using rice paper for the root structures for its transparency so the colors from below show through somewhat. […]


Composed: collage exhibition – virtual version

My exhibition, "Composed," opened last weekend at Spark Gallery and the virtual version is now posted on my website here. A portion of the gallery is shown in the photograph above. Hope you will enjoy perusing the collages. Not yet posted to the website (but coming eventually) are 13 smaller works on paper, see group […]


Coating the collages

Ah, the glamour of art… I've had to commandeer the kitchen again with its industrial-strength exhaust fan as I varnish about 15 small works on wood for my upcoming show! Each collage gets at least three coats with a UV-resistant varnish. Here's a view down one counter… but you'll have to turn your head […]


Passionate people profile: who, me?!

I'm honored to be featured in life coach Ruth Davis' blog about Passionate People this month. Check it out… an interview including all kinds of things you may not know about me, especially how I acquired and maintain my collage habit! (Thanks, Ruth!) 

The accompanying portrait was taken in front of one of my large […]


Blue and white sketchbook collage explorations

I've always loved the color blue, in all its variations, and been attracted to nearly any patterned blue and white pattern/motif (as evidenced above in a quick stroll with camera through my home.) In culling materials for collage, I rarely find blue and white patterns that are large enough in scale to use in […]


New collage, “Osmosis”

Here's a new collage, entitled "Osmosis," just completed, still unvarnished and unsigned at the moment of this snapshot. Constructed on a cradled wood panel, it measures 20 x 10 x 1." 

This is a very casual photo, but it shows how I typically wrap the collage elements around the edges of the wood support […]