Who, me?

The ultimate recycler, I make elegant collages with salvaged materials, collected from my daily life and wanderings — mostly everyday papers that yield great color, texture or shape.

Each element is ripped out (not cut) and thus liberated from its original context/story. Selected pieces of paper are then combined to form fresh, layered imagery with new associations and meanings.

I often use a wet-working technique to adhere my papers, a process that is the result of many influences and years of experimentation.

Rearranged reality, assembled moments, and constructed views materialize. The work often explores concepts of time/balance, growth and environment. 

To see more collages… use the filters on the Collections page to view work from a variety of series.

If you’re in Colorado… I’m affiliated with Spark Gallery, Denver’s oldest artists’ cooperative and show there regularly. Collages from my Daily Mail series are on view at Robert Anderson Gallery. Studio visits by appointment.

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