Who, me?

The ultimate recycler, I make elegant collages with salvaged materials, collected from my daily life and wanderings — mostly everyday papers that yield great color, texture or shape.

Each element is ripped out (not cut) and thus liberated from its original context/story. Selected pieces of paper are then combined to form fresh, layered imagery with new associations and meanings.

I often use a wet-working technique to adhere my papers, a process that is the result of many influences and years of experimentation.

Rearranged reality, assembled moments, and constructed views materialize. The work often explores concepts of time/balance, growth and environment. 

My art works find homes with individual collectors, in site-specific commissions, and in corporate collections. I’m affiliated with Spark Gallery, Denver’s oldest artists’ cooperative.

Use the filters on the Collections page to see examples of my work from a variety of series, with more to come.

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