I was struck by a column in the Denver Post yesterday by Natalie Constanza-Chavez, titled "Find holiday spirit in a single breath," -- about slowing down and focusing on nature and your breath to center yourself in this crazy time, in this busy season, of this increasingly difficult year. It's a well-written and timely reminder of what is most important. 

It reminded me of a moment a week or so ago when I spotted a huge red-tailed hawk sitting on the ski rack of my car in the driveway in our very urban neighborhood. It was so large and stately and unexpected that it took my breath away. It was an amazing sight and I keep thinking it must mean something. Sometimes nature rushes in to speak to us in some way.

Anyway as the holidays approach and the year draws quickly to a close, I plan to slow down as much as possible and thoroughly enjoy my work, friends/family, and holiday preparations. The matriarchy in my family is renowned for creating beautifully wrapped and decorated holiday packages and I love that tradition. I plan to spend time making fewer gifts more special this holiday. Who knows how many batches of spiced pecans may need to be stirred up?!