Denver International Airport Installation

Here to there collaborative art installation at Denver International Airport.         I've somehow neglected to post news about my artwork at Denver International Airport (DIA)! Several enlargements from recent travel-inspired collages are part of an ongoing exhibition in the Main Terminal. An associated DIA Art Gallery show has already ended.You don’t need to go through security to see the artwork. The installation is located on the 5th level—in the passageway directly below each of the east/west bridges, behind the rental car counters. Ask one of the cowboy-hatted greeters if you can't find it!One of my contributions... “Mapped,” 18 x 24″ collage with acrylic on wood panel.Details from three of my collages, all interpretations of travel, were enlarged and are included in the "here to there" installation along with those of fellow Expand artists Mary Williams, Ken Elliott, Carol Ann Waugh, and Victoria Eubanks. The panels were designed so that the elements from one image "travel" to visually connect with another -- quite a collaboration.Just making connections in Denver? You'll need to leave the secured concourses and head to the main terminal to see the work... a fun diversion, near a brewpub, if you have the time!The words that accompany the installation read:

here to therewe are wandererswe leave trails as much as we take trailsfoot steps through cities, woods, prairiesthreads that tie us to these places and each otherfragments of vistas and colorbits and pieces — we collect and leave behindcorners and u-turns that bring us full circlewe amble, we soar, we connectwe are masters at gettingfrom here to there

It's been a real thrill to see my artwork whenever I'm coming or going... or meeting up with friends/family who are! Check it out if you are traveling through Denver."Speed," by Janice McDonald, 18 x 24" collage with acrylic background on wood panel.