Experimental encaustic

Encaustictest1 Here is one of my pieces from the workshop... This was done on a 12 x 12" birch panel, tacking a few collage pieces to the board and coating with encaustic medium as a base layer. Other collage pieces and white encaustic (white pigment suspended in beeswax) were painted on in a series of different layers. On the final layer, I created a pattern with a sewing tool that dug into the wax. Then I rubbed brown oil paint into the depressions to make the pattern visible and wiped the rest from the surface. It was interesting to see how quickly the wax obscures layers of materials and how the composition changes as the layers add up. I'll post photos of additional experiments soon... meanwhile, hopefully, I'll figure out how to photograph them a bit better! (...and what are those wheeled, perforating sewing tools called??)