National Collage Society Show

Ncs24The 24th annual juried exhibit of the National Collage Society is on display in Colorado at the Longmont Museum. I finally got a chance to go see it yesterday. I had submitted work for the show but was not juried in this year. (I was fortunate to have my work exhibited in the NCS show in 2001, 2003-2005, and 2007 so I'm now a "signature member" of the organization.) After all the years I've been in the show, this is the first time I've been able to see it in person, and it was a treat. Seeing work in catalogues are great, but it is often really hard to do layered collage work justice in a photograph.

Congratulations to the 58 artists included in the show. The selected pieces are extremely varied, a few assemblages, but mostly 2-D work. I felt that the awards were well chosen. It was as much fun to study the techniques of how the work was constructed, up close, as it was to consider all the different subjects and stylistic ranges represented. Here are details from a few of my favorite pieces. My apologies to the artists for not noting the names that go along with these images. (Next time I will photograph the accompanying label!) Please let me know if you see yours here and I will include credit line.