Philip Glass Documentary

Glass I went to see "Glass: a portrait of Philip in twelve parts" last week. It was fascinating to see the creative process of a composer documented -- so foreign to me -- however much of what he said about his work was quite relevant to all artistic endeavors. I was amazed that he could compose with an open window amidst the noise of New York and with children running just outside his office. He said music runs like a river below the surface of his life. He does not imagine the piece of music, he has to listen carefully for it as it comes to him and get it down on paper. His level of focus and productivity is huge and inspiring. Interviews and comments from Chuck Close, Martin Scorsese, and Woody Allen, as well as his family, were quite revealing. Discussions of the work he has done in scoring film and opera brought out his thoughts on collaboration. Even his spiritual practices were included. Glass is just as complex and interesting as you would imagine him to be upon hearing his music...  I highly recommend the film.