Junk Mail Journal


These first months of 2018 find me tightening up concepts and working on pieces for an upcoming solo show at Spark Gallery in September... the current working title is "Branching Out." I'm also looking forward to showing with fellow collagist Lili Francuz at ReCreative Gallery in December. There's much to consider as the work progresses and sometimes sends me in slightly different directions than I'd originally anticipated. And that's also the wonderful, challenging, discovery-filled part of it!Lately I've been thinking a lot about the philosophical underpinnings of my work. Last night I attended a panel discussion at the Clyfford Still Museum titled "Painting/Non-Painting" featuring artists Stephen Batura, Terry Lee Maker, and Sarah McKenzie. There was a lively discussion about how the act of painting continues to evolve, photography's use in painting, and just how blurred the boundaries of painting have become — the "elastic nature of painting," as one of the panelists put it. It made me realize that while I tend to label myself a "collagist," my working intention/philosophy puts me squarely within the "painter" realm even though I work with bits of photography/color rather than pigments.While not such an issue for a traditional painter, I'm always wondering how to work bigger and stronger when my raw materials are mostly quite intimate in scale. In some cases, I've teamed up with art consultants to enlarge certain collages for installation in corporate or health environments. I love that the dot detail and ripped edges are revealed and yet they still read well from afar. This week it was exciting to see a sampling of the "Daily Mail" collages enlarged to about 3 feet tall and printed on plexiglass for an upcoming corporate installation... note doorknob for scale (below).SaveSaveSaveSaveSaveSaveSaveSaveSaveSaveSaveSaveSaveSave

Ongoing saga of the Daily Mail collages

April 1 2013, original collage by Janice McDonald.I’ve been posting the Daily Mail collages on my Facebook art page in a one-year-later, day-by-day manner and want to put them here too. However, I’ve fallen way behind! Where has April gone?!I’d, of course, love for you to like my Facebook page if you are in the mood. Then my art posts would show up on your Facebook feed from time to time. Click here to take a look.April 2 2013, original collage by Janice McDonald. April 3 2013, original collage by Janice McDonald.APRIL 04 2013APRIL 06 2013APRIL 08 2013APRIL 09 2013APRIL 11 2013APRIL 12 2013APRIL 13 2013APRIL 15 2013APRIL 16 2013APRIL 17 2013APRIL 18 2013APRIL 19 2013APRIL 20 2013APRIL 22 2013APRIL 23 2013APRIL 24 2013APRIL 25 2013APRIL 26 2013APRIL 27 2013APRIL 29 2013APRIL 30 2013 

More daily mail collages...

Another week's worth of collages from my Overlooked Artifacts exhibition, made from mail received one year ago this week. Each is an original collage on paper, 7.5 x 5.5,” framed in black metal frame 12 x 9,” with UV resistant glass and archival mat. ©2013. I'd be happy to ship you one if it speaks to you!March 18 2013, original collage by Janice McDonald. $125.MAR 20 2013 March 19 2013, original collage by Janice McDonald. $125.MAR 21 2013March 21 2013, original collage by Janice McDonald.MAR 22 2013MAR 23 2013