Art project, on the wing

I rarely participate in traveling/mail art projects however, every once in a while, I jump in.

While traveling in February, I had a chance to visit with artist Bonnie Ruttan who had received a passport-sized book to create artwork in and then pass along. It was so compact and interesting. It had originated in Austria, then traveled to Ireland, and now was being passed around in the US. Eventually it will (hopefully) make its way back to Kevin Geronimo Brandtner who started the project.

Inside cover of the mail art project book.

Inside cover of the mail art project book.

Intrigued, I decided to participate. The pages were small and had some stamps already in place as a background. Most artists were giving a nod to the passport/travel theme in their collaged responses. One of the fun things about the package was that it included a small packet of business cards and paper ephemera from artists who had participated before me, along with earlier mailing envelopes with scars and stamps.

The starting spread…

The starting spread…

Here’s an image of what I started with and another of what my page spread looked like when completed.

My finished contribution to the project.

My finished contribution to the project.

I included a ticket from Denver’s light rail A-Train to the airport that features a squiggle of reflective holographic security foil, plus other imagery that related to the colors and design already on the page. A nice departure from my usual work in the studio and the book is now off to its next stop in New Mexico.


ThroughLines Exhibition Opening / Views

I'm loving having this series of collages on the walls at Spark Gallery... I always gain perspective on my work by standing back and studying it.

My artist statement for the ThroughLines collages:Recurring issues can confront and confound us, occupying our thoughts. Technology distracts us with incoming stimulation. Daydreams intrude...These collages are visual riffs on all that we carry within: explorations of the processes in our minds as we address issues of bandwidth, multitasking and overwhelm—alongside goals of simplicity, mindfulness and purpose.Each collage represents a moment in time, full of multi-layered and competing thoughts, hopes, fears, dreams, and memories—all moving forward and influencing each other—glimpses of the landscape of my mind.The collages are made from ripped strips of contemporary repurposed paper using a wet working technique.

For those who were unable to be at the opening of my show at Spark Gallery, click below for a quick tour of my show as installed.[embed][/embed]To see each collage in detail, view the ThroughLines: Virtual Exhibition on my website. Pour yourself a glass of wine (or beverage of choice) and see the whole show at your leisure!If you have questions or are interested in adding one of the collages to your collection, please get in touch. Cheers!

ThroughLines show prep

I've been working steadily on collages for my ThroughLines show... recent weeks have included looking hard at them and making any last minute adjustments to the artwork. Then I varnish each one with a UV-resistant matte finish, adding hanging hooks/wires and title/care/inventory labels.All of the work has been sent out to be digitally captured so that I have high-resolution, color-corrected files that could be used to print the images as enlargements, should there be interest in using the work that way.It's amazing how much time goes into the unseen aspects of making art, not to mention marketing.Hanging begins on Monday. It seems odd to be able to get all the work for a whole show into just a few boxes, but all the work is small this time, just 10 x 10 x .75." Having never hung a whole show of such small work in such a large space, I'm really excited to see how it will look on the walls! As always before a show, I have a little trepidation, too -- but hopefully they will be like little jewels, drawing people in to look at them more carefully. I haven't been able to see the collages all together, with adequate white space between them, so I'll certainly enjoy studying the work from a distance once it's hung.Here's hoping some of you can drop into Spark Gallery in Denver to see the work. The show begins September 20 and runs through October 14. The opening reception is Friday, September 21 from 6-9pm. You're invited! And if you can't make it, I'll be updating my website prior to the show opening so that you'll be able to view the finished series there.