Composed Landscape original collages

Composed Landscapes… five original collages by Janice McDonald in the IMA boardroom.

Here are some photos of the collages arranged on the end wall of the IMA boardroom. The room features a huge wood-slab conference table and views to Denver's Union Station along one side and the office interior on the other. It's an exciting place to have an office… the renaissance of Denver's transit system is coming to fruition right next door.These five original collages were scanned and digitally enlarged 900% to produce the floor to ceiling stairwell murals pictured in earlier posts. They are each 12" wide and of varying heights to account for the different floor to ceiling heights in the stairwell.I'm really thrilled that my collages are highlighted in this gorgeous space!View from elevator lobby across interior stair to glass-walled boardroom.

Stairwell debut

Collage on the level five landing and the artist, Janice McDonald.IMA Financial Group moved into their brand new building mid-December and the grand opening celebration was last night. It was a lovely event and I'm honored to be included in the art collection. It was fabulous to see all the artwork and furnishings in place and talk to people who use "my" stairwell everyday! It's been very enthusiastically received. The sound adds so much to the experience. (Eventually I'll be able to post some video so you can get a better sense of it.)doorFrom the outside fire door, Stairwell 2 looks like the usual boring and slightly scary concrete emergency exit… but once inside, people are surprised to see that it has been finished with laminate floors, paint, lighting, artwork and sound to create an environment that's fun to be in. Kudos to IMA for encouraging their employees to take the stairs! And for commissioning me to do such a challenging project. I've loved working on this one.Confluence Denver ran an article about the opening that mentions the stairwell in particular and includes more photos. I wish I had taken pictures of some of the food that was served… I especially liked their celebratory cocktail: jalapeño-infused vodka with pink lemonade. :) Very festive indeed!

The stairwell project

Stairwell elevation with walls for art application highlighted in green.Over the summer I worked with art consultant Hilary DePolo on a proposal to use enlargements of my collages to enliven the interior stairwell of a new office building adjacent to Denver's Union Station.The concept was to encourage people to use the stairs by creating a welcoming and visually stimulating environment. In addition, another artist would add a motion-activated sound installation to further animate the space.I worked with the building plans to develop a scale for the original collages that I felt would translate when enlarged and applied to an entire landing wall. The image needed to be clear from a distance and interesting graphically as a viewer climbed closer. Because I am working with images culled from magazines, printed with a dot pattern, it was critical to make some samples of what the enlargement might be like.We eventually settled on an enlargement of approximately 900%. The lowest level had a low floor-to-ceiling height, the top level had a tall floor-to-ceiling height, and the remaining three floors had the same proportions. The original collages were done on boards that reflected those proportions. Each original panel was one foot wide but the heights would vary to accommodate the floor-to-ceiling height differences.

Uprooted & installed again: collage commission 6

rootedtogether.overview             Well, the decision was made to uproot "Rooted Together" and move the collage to the adjacent wood-paneled wall. The wood frames it nicely but I wish the metallic lines didn't intersect the piece. If I had known it was going to be placed there, I would have made the collage as one piece, rather than on four panels.Most people will never know it wasn't intended to go there though. And the client is the ultimate "decider." Hopefully many people, strolling by, will enjoy it. This location does allow people to approach the collage more closely for a look at the details."Rooted Together," close up on modular wooden wall.