grand opening

Stairwell debut

Collage on the level five landing and the artist, Janice McDonald.IMA Financial Group moved into their brand new building mid-December and the grand opening celebration was last night. It was a lovely event and I'm honored to be included in the art collection. It was fabulous to see all the artwork and furnishings in place and talk to people who use "my" stairwell everyday! It's been very enthusiastically received. The sound adds so much to the experience. (Eventually I'll be able to post some video so you can get a better sense of it.)doorFrom the outside fire door, Stairwell 2 looks like the usual boring and slightly scary concrete emergency exit… but once inside, people are surprised to see that it has been finished with laminate floors, paint, lighting, artwork and sound to create an environment that's fun to be in. Kudos to IMA for encouraging their employees to take the stairs! And for commissioning me to do such a challenging project. I've loved working on this one.Confluence Denver ran an article about the opening that mentions the stairwell in particular and includes more photos. I wish I had taken pictures of some of the food that was served… I especially liked their celebratory cocktail: jalapeño-infused vodka with pink lemonade. :) Very festive indeed!

Unveiled: Vet pet collage commission

VetpetportraitwallYesterday was the grand opening of the Aspen Arbor Animal Hospital. It was fun to see my pet-related commission on their walls. I created the six collage portraits above (each 12 x 12 x 1") along with the cut-out collaged figures on an adjacent wall (see overall photo below). It was fun to see my work hung and being appreciated. I'll need to go back to get some more photos of the collages without all the hoopla, but you get the idea!Vet.overallreceptionVet.wallfiguresI love the silk aspen leaf mobiles over the reception desk. They were done by Colorado artist Jan Carson.More detailed photos of the figures to come... They were all collaged on black, then cut out with a band saw, edges painted, blocks affixed to back so they stand a bit off the wall. They have a very cartoon-y look from a distance. Completely different from anything I've ever done!Collage.figureprep