Collage faces in portrait exhibition

Janice_mcdonald.introspection"Introspection" | © Janice McDonald | Collage on paper, 10 x 8."My work is currently included in an exhibition, "Portrait of the Artist," a collection of portraits by artists from around the world. The show was organized by assemblage artist Dale Copeland of New Zealand.I'm happy to have two collages in the show, Introspection (above), and Alter Ego/Foundling."Introspection" was created on top of a catalog page that featured a photo of a model wearing a sweatshirt. The draping of the sweatshirt's folds somehow reminded me of the lines of a face. (I know, I know... I see oddball things in everyday images, without even trying!)Once the background was established, the other elements surfaced rather quickly to complete the image. This collage remains one of my favorites — the first of many faces to follow, most of which are available for viewing in the Foundling gallery on my website.Note: Those of you who read this blog via postings on Facebook will be familiar with "Introspection" because I use it as my avatar there. If you arrived at this blog post via an alternative route, please visit and "Like" the Facebook page to get regular updates on my art work. Click here to go there! Thanks."Every portrait that is painted with feeling is a portrait of the artist, not of the sitter." —Oscar Wilde 

Four new "Poundling" pet collages

Janice_mcdonald.poundling3 Janice_mcdonald.poundling4 Janice_mcdonald.poundling5 Janice_mcdonald.poundling6 Recently I wrote about my prep work for these pet-inspired "Poundling" collages and wanted to complete that story by posting the finished pieces.The collages have been on display at a gallery gift shop here in Denver for a couple of weeks now. (Perhaps someone will permanently adopt them for the holidays!)It amazes me how much character emerges from careful combining of unrelated, repurposed paper. Probably a new record for fewest elements used: the dog at top left is composed of only four pieces of carefully selected imagery/color (not counting background).Each collage is 7 x 5 x 1/8," composed of contemporary papers with acrylic on hardboard support, unframed, and priced at $135.

Collage process & progress

Inprogress11.15.10Well, I've been making progress on the pet collage series. Unlike my abstract work, which is completely additive in terms of process, for these small works I do organize at least some of the major elements in advance of gluing, and then build and develop the constructed character further.Four creatures are done and ready for varnish, while a couple of others await the discovery of key pieces that would make them complete! I'll post completed collages soon.

"Gone to the dogs" pet portrait collage

Janice_mcdonald.poundling2Above is a recent collage, more whimsical than most!Based on positive response from a recent pet portrait commission for a veterinary hospital, I've started a new series called "Poundlings," harkening back to my ongoing Foundlings series (mostly found faces).All the collages in this series will ultimately need adoption and I feel the eventual owner(s) should name these creatures so, for now, despite the fact that several "perfect" names have occurred to me, this canine is fondly referred to as Poundling 2.I'm happy to announce that Poundling 2 is included in a juried exhibit, "Gone to the Dogs 2," at Niza Knoll Gallery, opening Friday, October 15th from 5-8pm. The gallery is located at 915 Santa Fe Drive, Denver, Colorado. The show will be up through November 13th and a portion of the proceeds benefit the MaxFund.The background is made of "pet for sale" want ads, tinted with acrylic paint, while the dog is composed of elements from contemporary magazines. The collage is 14 x 11" on hardboard panel, plus framing (not shown).