Four new "Poundling" pet collages

Janice_mcdonald.poundling3 Janice_mcdonald.poundling4 Janice_mcdonald.poundling5 Janice_mcdonald.poundling6 Recently I wrote about my prep work for these pet-inspired "Poundling" collages and wanted to complete that story by posting the finished pieces.The collages have been on display at a gallery gift shop here in Denver for a couple of weeks now. (Perhaps someone will permanently adopt them for the holidays!)It amazes me how much character emerges from careful combining of unrelated, repurposed paper. Probably a new record for fewest elements used: the dog at top left is composed of only four pieces of carefully selected imagery/color (not counting background).Each collage is 7 x 5 x 1/8," composed of contemporary papers with acrylic on hardboard support, unframed, and priced at $135.

Collage studio views: small support prep

GessoedboardsNewsprintTintedsupportsA gallery gift shop has asked for some original "Poundling" pet collages to display and I'm out of inventory. Here are some images of how I begin the process.I use pre-gessoed 5 x 7 x 1/8" panels. I begin by covering them completely with a patterned background. Here I'm using "pet for sale" want ads and musical scores from books the library has de-acquisitioned. I create the background look by painting generously with acrylic and rubbing much of it away with a rag for a tinted look. I can add layer upon layer until I get the desired effect.All kinds of lids and containers are recycled for mixing paints. Notice the tray repurposed from a recent Whole Foods sushi lunch!The first photo is of the plain boards. I use that giant glass ashtray to hold glue/medium. It's deep, heavy enough that it doesn't move around, and the cigarette indentations hold a brush beautifully!The second image shows the background layers of papers drying after being glued down. The final photo is of the newly tinted backgrounds drying atop random jars in the studio. I'll add photos of the resulting collages in a future post.

"Gone to the dogs" pet portrait collage

Janice_mcdonald.poundling2Above is a recent collage, more whimsical than most!Based on positive response from a recent pet portrait commission for a veterinary hospital, I've started a new series called "Poundlings," harkening back to my ongoing Foundlings series (mostly found faces).All the collages in this series will ultimately need adoption and I feel the eventual owner(s) should name these creatures so, for now, despite the fact that several "perfect" names have occurred to me, this canine is fondly referred to as Poundling 2.I'm happy to announce that Poundling 2 is included in a juried exhibit, "Gone to the Dogs 2," at Niza Knoll Gallery, opening Friday, October 15th from 5-8pm. The gallery is located at 915 Santa Fe Drive, Denver, Colorado. The show will be up through November 13th and a portion of the proceeds benefit the MaxFund.The background is made of "pet for sale" want ads, tinted with acrylic paint, while the dog is composed of elements from contemporary magazines. The collage is 14 x 11" on hardboard panel, plus framing (not shown).