Selections from the Daily Mail collages on view

Eventually perhaps I'll post all 75 collages somewhere here but for now they're most easily viewed on my Flickr page here. Click on the small box with the arrow above the images to view as a slide show.For now, here are a few of the most discussed collages -- and yes, they are all made from whatever came in the mail on a given day, as indicated by the titles. Many visitors said my mail must be better than their mail... but I like to think it's all a matter of how you look at it!“APR 30 2013,” 9 x 6″ collage on paper by Janice McDonald. © 2013.“MAR 28 2013,” 9 x 6″ collage on paper by Janice McDonald. © 2013. “APR 02 2013,” 9 x 6″ collage on paper by Janice McDonald. © 2013.

Eggstravaganza, wild egg decorating soiree

Last night was our annual night-before-Easter egg-decorating party. Six creative people and five dozen eggs later, here are the favorites! Any tool/technique and combining of colors was fair game. We used Paas® egg colors, rubber bands, string, cello tape, duct tape, china markers, Sharpie® markers, pencils, colored pencils, crayons, etc. Happy Easter to those of you who celebrate it!

Now that I've got most of the colors off my hands, I'm heading to the gallery to take down my show... Rather bittersweet as it has been such a great experience for me with positive comments, sales, good connections made, and an invitation to join the coop gallery. 

Coating the collages

Ah, the glamour of art... I've had to commandeer the kitchen again with its industrial-strength exhaust fan as I varnish about 15 small works on wood for my upcoming show! Each collage gets at least three coats with a UV-resistant varnish. Here's a view down one counter... but you'll have to turn your head to the right to imagine these pieces in their final orientation!

They'll look so much better when they're hung in the gallery next week. I'll be sure to post photos, hopefully some video too... so that if you can't make it in person, you can see the installation.

Most of you should be receiving a postcard invite and/or an email announcement from me if you are on my mailing list... If you'd like to be added, please drop me an email with your contact information via my website