Collage artist trading cards

Collage Artist Trading Cards, pack of 15 cards.You've heard of baseball cards, but do you know about artist trading cards (ATCs)? They are artist-made miniature works of art to collect and trade. Collecting ATCs is a popular trend right now. (An internet search of "artist trading cards" + "your city of choice" will yield information on local groups that meet to trade cards.)Along those lines but on a larger scale, the publishers of the art magazine, Kolaj, have begun issuing packs of 15 Collage Artist Trading Cards. Their goal is to further disseminate the work of contemporary fine art collage artists and to encourage people to learn about new artists. These are professionally printed cards, each measuring 5.5  x  3.5" with an image on the front and information about the collage and the artist on the back.I'm happy to be included in Pack One of the trading cards (issued late 2013) along with international collage artists Bev Butkow, Ewan Aparicio, Holly Savas, Jeni Bate, Joe Castro, Kamee Abrahamian, Lita Kenyon, Mongobi-Bibbiana Mele, Nikki Soppelsa, Pierre-Paul Pariseau, Ross Carron, Sara Winkler, Stephen Tierney, and Vesna Vrdoljak.If you'd like to start a collection of your own, the cards are available for $10/pack here from Maison Kasini.A great collection of stamps arrived along with my pack of Collage Artist Trading Cards. 

Selections from the Daily Mail collages on view

Eventually perhaps I'll post all 75 collages somewhere here but for now they're most easily viewed on my Flickr page here. Click on the small box with the arrow above the images to view as a slide show.For now, here are a few of the most discussed collages -- and yes, they are all made from whatever came in the mail on a given day, as indicated by the titles. Many visitors said my mail must be better than their mail... but I like to think it's all a matter of how you look at it!“APR 30 2013,” 9 x 6″ collage on paper by Janice McDonald. © 2013.“MAR 28 2013,” 9 x 6″ collage on paper by Janice McDonald. © 2013. “APR 02 2013,” 9 x 6″ collage on paper by Janice McDonald. © 2013.

Art of Rubbish video recap

Working at the "Rubbish" event.      To see something of the Art of Rubbish event on video, scroll to  22:10 in Aurora's News Weekly... the segment includes interview moments featuring me,janiceinterviewartists Brenda Stumpf and Lily Erb, Art in Public Places coordinator Mary Koernig, and a cameo from Ken Elliott. I think I said more interesting things in the course of my five minute interview but here's what remained after editing!It was a really fun day and great to have it captured on video and promoted by the city. Hopefully there will be a repeat performance next year with more artists involved and an even larger community turnout.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xxjhviYun3I&feature=share&list=PL752A37D6CDC4A7B5&index=12