Stairwell debut

Collage on the level five landing and the artist, Janice McDonald.IMA Financial Group moved into their brand new building mid-December and the grand opening celebration was last night. It was a lovely event and I'm honored to be included in the art collection. It was fabulous to see all the artwork and furnishings in place and talk to people who use "my" stairwell everyday! It's been very enthusiastically received. The sound adds so much to the experience. (Eventually I'll be able to post some video so you can get a better sense of it.)doorFrom the outside fire door, Stairwell 2 looks like the usual boring and slightly scary concrete emergency exit… but once inside, people are surprised to see that it has been finished with laminate floors, paint, lighting, artwork and sound to create an environment that's fun to be in. Kudos to IMA for encouraging their employees to take the stairs! And for commissioning me to do such a challenging project. I've loved working on this one.Confluence Denver ran an article about the opening that mentions the stairwell in particular and includes more photos. I wish I had taken pictures of some of the food that was served… I especially liked their celebratory cocktail: jalapeño-infused vodka with pink lemonade. :) Very festive indeed!

Stairwell project: enlarged collage installation

Panels awaiting application in the stairwell.After the original collages were completed, they were photographed at very high resolution for enlargement at Nocerino Editions. I prepared half scale digital files with the images in position. Then the images were output by Eye Candy Graphics onto a material that would cling to the still-somewhat-rough concrete walls of the stairwell via a heat process. Here are some photos of the collages being applied to the walls. The high gloss of the material created unexpectedly big highlight flares under the installed lights so a dulling coat was applied on top of the images after all the enlargements were installed.They're HUGE compared to what I've been working with in the studio! But I was very happy to see that the standpipe mostly disappeared in the wildness of the overall image. Also notice that the speaker for sound has now been installed. Still to come, floor coverings, wall paint and sound.Installation of level two collage enlargement in stairwell.