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Ongoing saga of the Daily Mail collages

April 1 2013, original collage by Janice McDonald.I’ve been posting the Daily Mail collages on my Facebook art page in a one-year-later, day-by-day manner and want to put them here too. However, I’ve fallen way behind! Where has April gone?!I’d, of course, love for you to like my Facebook page if you are in the mood. Then my art posts would show up on your Facebook feed from time to time. Click here to take a look.April 2 2013, original collage by Janice McDonald. April 3 2013, original collage by Janice McDonald.APRIL 04 2013APRIL 06 2013APRIL 08 2013APRIL 09 2013APRIL 11 2013APRIL 12 2013APRIL 13 2013APRIL 15 2013APRIL 16 2013APRIL 17 2013APRIL 18 2013APRIL 19 2013APRIL 20 2013APRIL 22 2013APRIL 23 2013APRIL 24 2013APRIL 25 2013APRIL 26 2013APRIL 27 2013APRIL 29 2013APRIL 30 2013 

More daily mail collages...

Another week's worth of collages from my Overlooked Artifacts exhibition, made from mail received one year ago this week. Each is an original collage on paper, 7.5 x 5.5,” framed in black metal frame 12 x 9,” with UV resistant glass and archival mat. ©2013. I'd be happy to ship you one if it speaks to you!March 18 2013, original collage by Janice McDonald. $125.MAR 20 2013 March 19 2013, original collage by Janice McDonald. $125.MAR 21 2013March 21 2013, original collage by Janice McDonald.MAR 22 2013MAR 23 2013

On a quieter note...

Reflecting on a small group of the Daily Mail collages. Views of the "Overlooked Artifacts" exhibition at Spark Gallery on a quiet afternoon... There were 75 original collages, framed with UV glass and archival matting, each 12 x 9" in size and hung chronologically in a grid. This represented each day's mail from March, April, and May of 2013.It's always great to have company in the gallery, but sometimes I look forward to a lull when I can take it all in, size it up, and think about where my work may be taking me next.View upon entering, to left of door at Spark Gallery. The long wall of collages...The final few collages and the end wall with my artist statement and guestbook.