Celebrating "Nodes" new home

THMy biggest-yet collage has found a wonderful home. I wrote quite a bit here about Nodes as it was coming together, so though I'd finish the story. The piece sold at my recent Spark Gallery exhibition. Once the show came down and I was able to deliver the collage, the collectors hosted a hanging celebration complete with appetizers and champagne. Check out the fully-loaded coffee table above :)NodesandmeWhat a fun evening. New furnishings had been selected to go with the collage (!) and the room looks great. We discussed potential accent paint colors for the wall behind the piece and admired our handiwork. It was cool to see how some of the shapes in the collage relate to their collection of african sculpture. I don't always get to see where my work winds up, so this was a real treat. Not to mention the delectable food and bubbly!Arabesqueinsitu Nodes is their second collage. My "Arabesque" collage (at left) has hung in an entry niche for several years. I'm so honored that this family enjoys living with my work -- meanwhile, their purchase brings resources and creates space for my future collage explorations. I love how that happens.