Col • laboratory

I see my studio as a collage laboratory and also like the word association with Colorado and collaboration, both of which inform my work. So that's how I got the subhead name for this blog... at least until I come up with a better one!


This piece is a portion of a collaborative work, one that got me really interested in collage. (I had been intrigued for a long time but hadn't done much about it.) Then in the late '90s I was at the International Design Conference in Aspen (now the Aspen Design Summit). The conference was focused on the human body and I signed up for a workshop on illustrating the body, moderated by Braldt Bralds.

A group worked together on a project -- each of us had a section of "Adam and Eve" which was roughly outlined on two 4 x 8 foot boards, each cut into 1.5-ish x 4 foot sections. We coordinated with the artists/designers who had work adjacent to ours so that the bodies fit somewhat together in the end when the pieces were assembled. But anything went as far as medium. My assignment was Eve's feet. I used all kinds of freebie materials from Aspen Magazine to hotel brochures, etc. and thinned Elmer's glue to assemble my contribution to the whole. It was a lot of fun and I enjoyed the abstraction that necessarily came along with working with the materials at hand. Somewhere (in the archives?) I have a photo of the whole thing assembled... I got a great response to my work, it was fun, and part of what started me on the collage journey!