Foundlings find home at Lowry Family Health Center

Foundling collages                  In the course of my more abstract work, I sometimes find images/shapes that remind me of facial features. I throw those ripped papers into a pile and then, every once in a while, I'll turn to that collection and see what I can make from it. And that's how the “Foundling” series was born...Now some of my Foundling collages have been installed at Denver Health’s new Lowry Family Health Center. They’ve “adopted” 32 Foundlings in all.Each collage is 7 x 5" and is composed of contemporary found and repurposed papers. For this installation, the back of each collage has a spacer block so that the artwork appears to float off the wall a little, yielding nice shadow patterns.Hope this whimsical collection will bring a smile to many faces in the waiting room! Many thanks to Nancy Noyes of Noyes Art Designs for championing my work for this space.