Need one, want one? Get one!

"Poundling 5," original collage by Janice McDonaldI've been evaluating ways to offer some of my small collages for sale online and have decided to begin simply… featuring them here on the blog with background information and a PayPal purchase option.I am one of those people who can see faces in most everything: clouds, the woodgrain of doors, plumbing fixtures, you name it! So when I come across a piece of paper that reminds me of an eye, or has the shape of a head… I throw it in a pile on my desk.Eventually, I work with the ripped paper elements to create characters, a series I've titled Foundlings. Recently I've made some whimsical creatures, which I've called Poundlings — since they seriously need to be adopted by just the right person. Look carefully and you'll see that the nose of this guy is made from an upside-down photo of the back of a high-heeled shoe. (I can't help myself!)Anyway, if you would like to add this collage to your art collection, just click the button below. If you should have any problems or require overseas or expedited shipping, please get in touch.This collaged creature is composed with fragments of contemporary, re-purposed papers on a 7" x 5" x 1/8" hardboard panel. The background is tinted with acrylic paint. Edges are painted and/or covered by paper so the piece can be left unframed if desired. The collage is coated with a UV-resistant varnish.