You may've noticed that I've been quieter lately... not so present on social media or here on the blog. I'm recovering from a total knee replacement and that's been my priority project since the beginning of the year. Sessions of elevating, icing, rest, physical therapy, walking and stationary bike riding have punctuated my days and been my focus.Ice with a view, after physical therapy.I've used our Botanic Gardens membership nearly daily for parts of the spring... lots of surface types to walk on, uncrowded, and so much inspiration in nature. What a luxury to be close enough to do my walks there!Exploring the gardens, spring 2017.Thankfully my recovery has coincided with a period of time when show commitments were negligible. And while I haven't completed much work lately, I've been thinking a lot about collage, concepts for future works, and the place of art in my life. Not to mention reading, looking at art, and watching way too much political coverage.Since moving out of the studio at 910 Arts on Santa Fe last fall, followed by dealing with my Dad's death, I've not finished moving back into my home studio fully... and simply haven't had the mobility to muscle boxes of paper around until now. So organizing the space is high on my list of summer priorities. In the meantime, I'm enjoying working a bit each week at Denver's super cool Art Gym.Work table at the Art Gym and one of my sketchbook collages ~ 12 x 9."Just beyond the studio, the about-to-fall-down, 107-year-old, garage in the back yard has been demolished and we await the building permit variance required to rebuild. I've resigned myself to having the family bike collection in the dining room with miscellaneous tools and garage stuff on the back porch. Meanwhile, my stationary bike is positioned in the middle of the art studio, soaking up the crazy, unkempt, creative atmosphere -- as I ride to nowhere! But it'll turn out to be somewhere, no doubt. I'm ready to get back to work.