Ready or not...

Well, the postcards announcing my show arrived from the printer today, just as I was beginning the flurry of writing press releases and updating my mailing list, all of which I'd planned to take care of weeks ago... at least until I broke my knee (tibial plateau to be precise)! So, I'm a bit behind and some things, like my blog, have been on hiatus. I think I'm -- just about -- back on track now. Still working on a series of small collages, hoping to have about 50 to hang in a group, but the major pieces are complete and ready. I'll be cruising around on the crutches for another month or so, even at the opening (11/6 at Edge in Denver). Please drop me a comment/email with your address if you want to be added to my mailing list and receive a postcard. 

The collage featured on the card is "Feelers," contemporary papers on board, 20 x 10 x 1."

(With thanks to Jim for keeping my studio supplied with fresh glasses of ice water, as pictured, all this time. I haven't yet mastered the art of carrying open liquids on crutches.)