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Contemporary collage "changing like a chameleon..."

Janice_McDonald.composure"One of the exciting things about collage is its primary use of discarded paper media which ultimately keeps it in motion, constantly changing like a chameleon. A quick look at the diversity of styles, concepts and technique found in contemporary collage proves it’s moved well beyond simply cut paper and glue.

I suspect many artists find it alluring for not only its immediacy but its unique and inherent nature to reinvent the familiar into something mysteriously new. Collage also has a long history of integrating itself in to political and cultural movements so it seems natural there’s a collage revival happening in these uncertain times."

— from an interview with "All That Remains" exhibition curator Charles Wilkin, posted to the Hyperallergic blog by Hrag Vartanian.

I couldn't agree more with the thoughts expressed in the interview. Opportunities to look at collage are increasing in galleries, museums -- and wonderfully, also online. 

Collage works from the "All That Remains" show are available for viewing here. The exhibition is an international one, curated by Wilkin, and on view at Picture Farm in Brooklyn, New York through November 19, 2011.

To peruse even more collage, consider visiting the 27th Annual National Collage Society exhibition site, viewable online here. (I have one in there somewhere...)

Image above, included for its chameleon-like coloration, is: "Composure," collage on paper, 10 x 8." © 2001, Janice McDonald.

Juried into National Collage Society exhibition

"Remembrance," paper collage on wood panel, 10 x 10 x 1." © 2011, Janice McDonald.

Hooray! I was pleased to learn that my collage, "Remembrance," has been juried into the 27th Annual National Collage Society Exhibition.

The exhibit will be viewable online from November 1, 2011 to October 31, 2012. When I have a link to the exhibition site, I'll be back to post it here. It's always a good survey of collagists, methods, and approaches. (Happily, I'm on a roll... my work was also included in last year's exhibition.)

NOTE (added 11.1.11): The 2011 exhibition is now viewable here.

National Collage Show debuts online

Fun and inspiring to peruse if you are a collage fan... the 26th Annual National Collage Society Show is now available for viewing online.

I'm happy to have my work, "Potential," included in the exhibition this year. (Detail from "Potential" shown below.)

To read a related post, and see full view of "Potential," click here. Further details on my website.


"Potential" in National Collage Society's annual exhibit

Happy to hear that my collage, "Potential," has been juried into the National Collage Society's 26th Annual Juried Exhibit!

For the first time, the exhibit "Green & Global" will be online with no need to ship work to a gallery or museum. The notification included the statistic that 211 artists submitted a total of 412 entries... 32 entered with slides and 380 submitted digital image. (Slides are obviously becoming a thing of the past when it comes to art presentation!)

I'm curious about how many entries were juried in... since wall space was not an issue! The exhibit will be available online for a year beginning November 1st. I'll be sure to post a link when the exhibition website goes live.

(Addendum: This exhibition is now available for online viewing here.)