Used: mixed media, recycled show

RecycledshowVincentI wanted to post a few photos from the Used: mixed media, recycled show on view at the Art Students League of Denver through February 24th. My collage, Tendril, is included and is on far right of large group image. The show is anchored on the first floor in the front by Tim Flynn's kinetic "Hurdy Gurdy" and in the rear by Jerry Dokken's amusing three-sided, painted installation on cardboard of iconic art figures recycling trash. One of the recyclers, Van Gogh, is shown here.For some reason, I was more taken with the 3-D pieces in the show than the 2-D... Maybe because the variety of work on the walls was so diverse and the 3-D pieces were more isolated and a bit easier to appreciate. Perhaps the 3D work speaks louder of the theme as well.Anyway, I was pleased to be included since my compositional elements are entirely reused/recycled with the exception of the underlying supports for the work.