Collage in progress, 3.6.12 (and a nod to surprises)

This photo was taken yesterday after two work sessions on the latest collage. I use a wet process so there is plenty of drying time to consider my next additions. I don't plan the composition in advance but begin with something I like and build from there. Some of the elements that appear now may be covered up with others before it's over.

SurpriseAt left is an example of one of the surprises inherent in working this way... once the selected paper is damp with glue, images on the reverse side may show through. Sometimes remnants of imagery remain after the piece has dried, sometimes not. In this case the woman's face and high heel went away almost completely. I enjoy discovering how much will remain. It adds another "unknown" to respond to as I work. (You can see the dried blue area in the upper right portion of the larger collage image.)

More updates soon.