Collages available online @Ugallery

"Undercurrent" | © Janice McDonald | Collage on wood support, 10 x 10 x 1."

In an effort to get my work "out there," beyond Denver (!), I'm now represented by Ugallery. Five of my collages are currently listed online for sale through their site. Quite a lot of good work there, in many mediums, if you care to browse. And, of course, click here to see my Ugallery portfolio! 

Ugallery also has a blog where I noticed a whimsical artwork hanging technique... how great for a changeable wall exhibition. Click here to see for yourself!

I'm currently adding the detail information, slowly but surely, to my website -- trying to take several collages each week and add the story behind them. So far this week, I've added a bit of life to the pages for "Caught" and "Undercurrent," shown above.