Violent and Original


"Be regular and
orderly in your life
so that you may be
violent and original
in your work."

— Gustave Flaubert, novelist (1821-1880)

This quote sums up part of my quest for the new year! So far, I'm making progress purging files, clearing space, and preparing to produce a LOT more work this year. I have a design studio downstairs and a dedicated collage space upstairs so there is much to do.

The collage studio is necessarily somewhat wild, filled with magazines, papers, and scraps. That's OK... as long as I have some surfaces free to work on and a little room to store incoming paper/magazine donations and finds. This photo shows one portion of my industrial shelving and is pretty typical of what the storage areas look like! Somehow just the right next element is found from among the chaos. The studio is truly an assemblage itself... really.