Happy New Year!

Somehow the last half of 2015 has escaped me... I actually haven't quite regained my sense of work/life balance (if there is such a thing!) since the death of my Mom in May. I'm getting there though... and aside from that loss, so very many good things came to pass this year that I've not taken the time to post here.Me and Mom, circa 2013.            So a quick recap is in order!Accomplishments... woohoo!—Completed a 11-piece series of nature/landscape-inspired collages for installation at a hospital in Nebraska.—Made a large composed landscape for a lobby installation where an image of the original was enlarged and then printed onto 32 separate foot-square wood panels, then hung in a grid.—Had a very successful solo show that featured my composed landscape series, titled "Paper Trails," at Spark Gallery.—Showed with my To Expand artist friends in "Here to There" at aBuzz Gallery this summer and in "Running Dialogue," currently on view at the Lone Tree Arts Center.With the "Expand" crew at the installation of our work at the Lone Tree Arts Center in December.—Completed my two year term as Co-Director of Spark Gallery. I currently have a large new collage on view there in the Annual Members' Show, through January 9.—Rented a studio in Denver's Art District on Santa Fe. Opened the doors to celebrate First Friday in November, just a few days after signing the lease. I now have S P A C E to get some perspective on my work!First Friday in October 2015 at Paper Trails exhibition, Spark Gallery, Denver.Just getting settled in new studio space... every day I take more paper ingredients down there!—Took beginning mandolin lessons, cleared and rented my Mom's condo... and continued my half-time design practice!Guess it's no wonder I haven't posted here in a while. As 2016 approaches, I'm hugely grateful for your interest in, and support of, my work this year and look forward to new artful adventures! Stay tuned. Happy New Year!"Western," collage enlarged and reproduced for lobby installation at 250 Columbine in Denver.