Sequence / collage work in progress is always intrigued with work in progress and the sequence of how a collage comes together, so thought I'd do a quick slide show documenting a recent work: "Honey," a 36 x 36" collage on wood panel. For whatever reason, this composition developed mostly from the center out toward the edges.I am working with found and salvaged papers, including chunks ripped from old art posters... so anything that appears painted is appropriated from the poster imagery. When using bits and pieces of other's artwork, I always try to rip/crop the elements in ways that take the color/texture completely out of their original context so that they become simply an ingredient to use in an entirely new composition.Lately I've been trying to document work in progress on Instagram (along with other inspiration/adventures)... so if you are interested in how collages develop, please follow me there @janicemcdonaldart!