Stages along the way: collage commission 2

As you can see, I'm contining to add big areas of color via chunks of paper to get the background filled in so I can work into the piece with further detail.This collage is so big that I'm incorporating sheets of kraft, rice, and wrapping paper -- along with the usual found and repurposed papers. If I used my typical materials (the size of a typical magazine page or smaller), the overall effect would be far more busy and kinetic than what I envision. I need an interesting, but simple, band of layers upon which I can develop the root structure of the aspen grove.Can you tell that I have to stand on a stepladder and hold my camera over my head to get this all in??!! That's why these process images are a bit skewed... I'm working on a counter height table and don't really have any other way to see the whole image assembled!Collage in progress