EDGE Gallery


A piece from the show, 20 x 10 x 1". Click on image to see more detail. Got some comments questioning whether the work was digital (maybe it was the lighting) but it is layered collage, composed while papers are wet, so the fibers do meld together somewhat. All collages are from original found source material (contemporary papers)...no Photoshop, copies, or digital processes employed!


Collage show opening at EDGE Gallery 11.06.09


It was exciting to have over 300 people stroll through the gallery opening on Friday night— First Friday and also the beginning of Denver Arts Week. Below is a video view of the space early in the evening. Thanks to all who came by and all of you who helped me get this together, given recent life events! 

If you couldn't make it, the show will be up through November 29th on weekends. Hours are Fridays 7-10 pm, Saturdays and Sundays 1-5 pm. As always, would love your feedback and thoughts.

More photos of the opening hoopla are on Flicker. I'll be posting details of the artwork over the next few weeks.

Hanging the show at EDGE Gallery


It's been nearly a week since we began hanging the "Re-purposed" show and I've neglected to post photos of the process. Above is a photo of me supervising progress as my husband, plus good friend, Ted Crawford, did all the physical work... as I am STILL on crutches due to tibial plateau fracture. Below are the views of the walls of the gallery. More images / details about the opening to follow.


Above: From the "Color Constructs" series, each 20 x 10 x 1," collage on wood panel.


"Ruminations on a Pieced Quilt", composed of 45 collage panels, each 7 x 5."


Collages from the "Time and Balance" series, 10 x 20 x 1" and 10 x 10 x 1" on wood panels.


Larger collages from the "Time and Balance" series, each 38 x 26," framed.

Sorta like rearranging the furniture...

My architect-husband has kindly constructed a facsimile of the gallery space for my upcoming show in SketchUp modeling software. It allowed me to see how the work I have produced for the show will fit into the gallery. I can virtually jump into the middle of the room and turn around to see the space. He attached scale images of the completed collages to the walls and we are able to arrange and re-arrange. Really amazing, and gave me added impetus to finish a couple more pieces to fill out the space better. Technically, this should speed up the hanging process -- although there's nothing quite like being there -- so we'll see when the time comes! The show opens at EDGE Gallery in Denver on Friday, November 6th. Hope to see you there!