Jumble (or how a collage sometimes begins...)


I'm working on some big new collages for a May exhibition. This is a photo of my work surface yesterday with a 24 x 36" wood panel ready to become something new and exciting, along with a jumble of sorta-solid color elements that I'm exploring. Total chaos, and so far the collage looks completely different from what you would expect, based on this photo! I'll post some in-progress photos soon. 

Finis: subject to interpretation

Subject-toSeveral people have asked to see the final piece that emerged from the work I wrote about in an earlier "Chaos of collage composition" blog post.Here's a better view of the collage I eventually titled, "Subject to Interpretation." Once I cleared away the chaos, it had seemed complete.I submitted it to Spark Gallery's open show this summer, "Biennial 2010: Big Themes/Small Works," juried by Jill Crow, and was pleased to be included in the show during July.The collage is 10 x 10 x 1" and is composed of contemporary recycled papers applied to a cradled wood panel. Some collage elements continue and wrap around the 1" edges so it still appears a bit differently when hung.

The chaos of collage composition

Work-in-progress-chaosTook this photo of my current work in progress yesterday. It's hard to tell where the collage begins and all the intriguing bits of paper end. For scale, the wood panel I'm working on is 10 x 10 x 1"... so there are lots of little elements being considered, set aside, ripped further, reconsidered, rearranged, discarded. Everything on the board is already glued down, everything else is just jockeying for position!(Addendum: the finished piece is written up in my blog here.)