Out of clutter find simplicity... collage debris

Finishing my Rip/Tear show has been a whirlwind. My studio space is still not recovered and I'm acknowledging that I desperately need to de-clutter in preparation for new work. (Tomorrow!) Collage, by its very nature, requires a certain amount of debris to accumulate as potential materials are stockpiled... then again as pieces are considered, rejected, altered, and perhaps end up in the collage... but quite often return to the pile! Thankfully, I can close the door on the studio when it gets overwhelming and retreat to other parts of our relatively simple abode.Debris2I've read about artists who toss all the materials that were considered, but went unused, for a specific collage piece. Somehow, I can't do that. Whatever originally drew me to the imagery keeps me interested enough to salvage it for the future, unless the scraps are absolutely diminutive! And therein lies part of the problem.This quote speaks to the issue and to the artistic process and makes an appropriate mantra. “Three Rules of Work: Out of clutter find simplicity; from discord find harmony; in the middle of difficulty lies opportunity.” — Albert EinsteinDid I mention the boxes of graciously donated magazines that are waiting to be sifted on the back porch?!