Collage, applied: Custom Keds® (or my pedestrian gallery)

While I love to work with original collage, I'm also interested in its application for reproduction and potential use in illustration and public art. So, when I heard that Keds shoes could be custom-designed, I was excited about using my imagery to create a pair. (What a fun blank canvas and certainly a good conversation starter!) The shoes arrived today and I'm really pleased with the way they turned out. 

Above is the original collage, "Directions," measuring 36 x 24" that was used to create the design. Below are the resulting Keds, size 8.5. This design is available through Zazzle for order, should you want an identical pair. If you are inspired to design your own pair, please send me a link/photo so I can see your creation. Meanwhile, I'm considering my next collage-inspired design(s)!