Constructed collage landscape, in progress

Lately I've been working on a triptych commission -- a collage landscape for a resort lobby. I'm working on three panels, each 12 x 12." Assuming the collage is approved by the client this week, it will then be photographed, enlarged and reproduced onto three canvases, each 36 x 36." So the finished piece will be a 9 foot vertical expanse... really exciting to imagine! 

Here is an in-progress photo taken a week or so ago. At left are the three collage panels. (I've painted the edges black so that is why you see some black brush marks on the surface, which will be covered with paper when complete.) At right are several trays of greens, blues, and potential stone colors that I collected in advance to consider for this project.

At the time of this photo I'd just set up the table for a fresh work session... most of the time there were quite a few scraps under consideration laying all over that pristine looking kraft paper! Once the college is approved, I'll post some finished photos.