Lively abstract inspiration in a cemetery

A couple of weeks ago, while visiting New Orleans, I noticed really interesting found abstract imagery all over the city. To top it off, I spent several hours exploring St. Louis Cemetery #1. (Overall photos and information about cemetery conservation efforts are here.)

The worn monuments and surfaces of the cemetery were really amazing and inspiring -- an intriguing visual treat, on hallowed ground, in the midst of an architectural/historical treasure! Here are a few of my favorite photos, all details/patterns. This imagery may not ever make its way into my work, but I am fascinated by composing with the camera when I discover patterns/surfaces that truly constitute found art. 

The cemetery is interesting on so many levels and well worth a visit next time you are in New Orleans... assuming you can tear yourself away from the jazz, food (beignets!) and drink. 

Janicemcdonald.NOabstract2 Janicemcdonald.NOabstract3

Janicemcdonald.NOabstract4 Janicemcdonald.NOabstract5

Anthropomorphism 1

Ever have the feeling that some-body/thing is watching you?! I was driving behind this vehicle the other day (no clue what it does) and just had to snap a quick photo at a stoplight. What a "face!" 

I see images like this, looking back at me, pretty regularly, which is why my Foundling Series of collages began. Perhaps I need to start a collection of these photos for comic relief. I bet you all see them too... :)

anthropomorphism |ˌanθrəpəˈmôrˌfizəm| noun

the attribution of human characteristics or behavior to a god, animal, or object.