foundling series

Anthropomorphism 1

Ever have the feeling that some-body/thing is watching you?! I was driving behind this vehicle the other day (no clue what it does) and just had to snap a quick photo at a stoplight. What a "face!" 

I see images like this, looking back at me, pretty regularly, which is why my Foundling Series of collages began. Perhaps I need to start a collection of these photos for comic relief. I bet you all see them too... :)

anthropomorphism |ˌanθrəpəˈmôrˌfizəm| noun

the attribution of human characteristics or behavior to a god, animal, or object.

Pets, posed and frolicking

I'm very excited about a new commission for the lobby of a veterinary hospital. I'll be creating six large, whimsical cat/dog portrait collages, similar to the figurative images in my Foundling series (Foundling 38, cat, shown above, is 7 x 5"). 

For another wall, I'll be producing a series of ten collage-created images of people and pets at play. This part of the project is quite different from anything I've done in the past -- should be challenging and a lot of fun to work on. I've done some experiments that were successful and helped me to secure the commission and feel confident that I can produce the inter-related, shaped, freeform collages that will float off the surface of the wall. Now, it's time to dive in and get to work on the final pieces! I'll post images of work in progress.