This is a detail from a collage that I've recently finished for my upcoming exhibition, "Composed," opening at Spark Gallery on April 1st. I've done some very neutral pieces and some intensely bright pieces (maybe the influence of the approach of spring?)... and am finalizing all the details of the show itself.

Postcards arrived from printer yesterday, email announcements go out soon -- it's a busy time in the studio. Much to complete, varnish, wire, label, organize.

In addition, last month was one of the most intense, in terms of design business commitments, in a year or so. I will definitely breath a sigh of relief when this show is on the wall! (More images to come...)


Postcards from places yet to be seen

I recently received a call to participate in a mail art exhibition in Stockholm during August, the requirement simply being submission of an altered tourist postcard in any medium. I've always loved postcards and have my own collection (including both scenic and tacky categories) so this seemed like a fun project to contribute to — with collage elements added. Above is one of the three cards I sent last week, with an image of Old Faithful superimposed on a postcard of the St. Francis Cathedral that I'd picked up recently in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

The postcards will be exhibited at Gallery KG52 in Stockholm from August 14-29, 2010. An exhibition of the submitted postcards from around the world can also be seen online. Inspiration behind the exhibition included the Picadillys of Dieter Roth and the Chop Art of Ray Johnson.

Below are the other altered postcards I contributed, at left, a Route 66 gas station and, at right, Santa Fe's oldest house.