Second in recent collage series, "Time and Balance 2"

Janice_mcdonald.timebal2Second in the latest series of Time and Balance experiments, the collage is 10 x 20 x 1," composed of contemporary papers and recycled imagery adhered to a cradled wood panel. This piece also uses timecards as backgrounds, described in previous post. Looking back I now see that this collage, with its round shapes, probably also influenced "Juggling."

Time and balance series

This series was inspired by "Timeline," a collage that came together almost effortlessly and out of the blue— it simply needed to BE. Timeline was originally shown in 2002 as part of an International Collage Exhibition at Kansas State University, curated by Lynda Andrus

The work is a meditation of sorts on the passage of time, both linear and cyclical, and the ever-present search/struggle for balance in my life. An ongoing element in this series is the timecard, used in some workplaces for logging time on the job, making up most of the background areas. 

My recent show included five pieces from the time and balance series. I'll post individual images soon so that details are more visible.