Second in recent collage series, "Time and Balance 2"

Janice_mcdonald.timebal2Second in the latest series of Time and Balance experiments, the collage is 10 x 20 x 1," composed of contemporary papers and recycled imagery adhered to a cradled wood panel. This piece also uses timecards as backgrounds, described in previous post. Looking back I now see that this collage, with its round shapes, probably also influenced "Juggling."

Background patterns

NewspaperpatternI love patterns of all kinds and often use them as elements in my collages. Here is a photo of the newspaper tax lien listings that make up the background of "Juggling." The tabular format of the type creates a random pattern and every other line has a shaded stripe. The type is about 4 point so you can only read it if you are really close, just names and numbers. The inside of safety envelopes (usually from bills)— along with bits of time cards, to-do lists, and order forms— have also made their way into my work from time to time. I'm always on the lookout for new elements to stash in the studio for use "someday." This explains the chaotic but bountiful state of my studio!