Beverly Beckham

Do what you love

I wanted to share this commentary about ongoing creative endeavors and our "new year" mentality... I was amazed to read about the artist Carmen Herrera in the New York Times last week. However, it was this column that really put her tenacity into perspective: 

Portrait of an artist as an old woman: Do what you love - The Boston Globe by Beverly Beckham, December 27, 2009. Worth reading! "If the world had never known her, would her life and her work have meant less? Not to her." 

So many of us have creative pursuits of one sort or another. Let's keep at it in 2010 -- and beyond -- no regrets!

My collage below, titled "Time flies," was created in 2004 (proving, for me at least, that time does fly...) and measures 12 x 12 x 1," composed of contemporary papers and recycled imagery on wood panel.