Constructed collage landscape, in situ

Janice-mcdonald-CL-tumbleFinally — a photo of the commissioned collage in place. I call it a constructed landscape because it's my somewhat cubist intrepretation of a landscape, made up of many disparate bits of paper—ranging from pieces of solid color to images of parts of a chandelier, and everything in between.My husband took this photo for me when he was in Breckenridge recently (thanks, Jim!) as I have yet to make the trip to see it installed. I've been told that the lighting is due for an upgrade and I hope that'll happen. The collage is located in a two story elevator/stair lobby and doesn't look nearly so big as it did at the framer's!By arrangement, I still hold the copyright to the image and plan to make some normal-sized prints of the triptych available for sale on my website soon. Stay tuned for more on that idea.