Composed landscapes

Aerial view of the studio: the calm before the storm! Wood panels and drawings ready to begin.So I set to work. I had done very simple sketches of how the landing imagery would flow upward through the space. As you climbed the stairs, different views would present themselves. Beginning with level one, walking along a stream with broad views into the distance, level two at the edge of a forest, level three passing a waterfall, level four above treeline, and level five depicting the last few boulders at the peak with views of the sky and distant landforms.Each collage would be composed of many pieces of paper ripped from magazines and repurposed to make new landscapes from my imagination. The studio quickly became filled with piles of sifted materials! These were more detailed and more realistic than any collages I've made in the past… they needed to be wildly interesting at nine times their original size so there was a constant concern about how they would translate once enlarged.Here I'm working mostly on the "above treeline" collage but sifting colors into piles for potential use in other pieces.Collage work in progress… the usual paper mayhem ensues!

Constructed collage landscape, in situ

Janice-mcdonald-CL-tumbleFinally — a photo of the commissioned collage in place. I call it a constructed landscape because it's my somewhat cubist intrepretation of a landscape, made up of many disparate bits of paper—ranging from pieces of solid color to images of parts of a chandelier, and everything in between.My husband took this photo for me when he was in Breckenridge recently (thanks, Jim!) as I have yet to make the trip to see it installed. I've been told that the lighting is due for an upgrade and I hope that'll happen. The collage is located in a two story elevator/stair lobby and doesn't look nearly so big as it did at the framer's!By arrangement, I still hold the copyright to the image and plan to make some normal-sized prints of the triptych available for sale on my website soon. Stay tuned for more on that idea.